Do I need a huge group to get started?

We happily offer private and semi-private lessons.  Call 540-446-9200 or email jenyouryoga@gmail.com to find out more.

What if I’m not already fit?

Yoga is available to individuals of all fitness levels.  You will increase strength and stamina and enjoy every class.

I’ve heard yoga will help my quiet my  mind. Will it?

Yes. Meditation is a subtle and  integral part of yoga.

Is yoga really that good for you?

Yes. Most people notice improvements in their body condition, balance, sleep and mood after just a  few practices.

How long are the classes?         

45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes.

Will our insurance company at work give a policy discount for practicing yoga?

Maybe.  Consult your Human Resources Representative, Wellness Director.

Can we afford YourYoga?       

Yes! Rates are competitive with brick and mortar yoga studio prices, only we come when & where you ask and bring  EVERYTHING you need!

What is yoga, really?

Yoga is an ancient system of body/ mind maintenance that uniquely target the joints of the body and creates space for personal growth and development.  The word “yog” means “to yoke” linking the body and spirit together in one seamless expression of life.

Why practice yoga?

Yoga began as a philosophical system that used ethical principles to bring people home to themselves. The practice of asana (poses) was just one of eight “limbs” or expressions of yoga.  Asana practice was learned third, after five “yamas”, principles of moral self-regulation (For example: don’t hurt yourself) and the “niyamas”, principles of personal discipline, or things to do to live a full life and achieve one’s potential (For example: learn something every day). Asana (poses) was the third subject of study.  The intention of learning the poses was (and is!) to directly balance and challenge the body in whatever ways necessary to release and unblock the healthy flow of breath and energy.

How will practicing yoga help me?

YourYoga will benefit you uniquely. You may experience healing for old injuries, improved sleep, reduction of cravings, revitalized mind and body, inner quiet, added focus, increased ability to handle challenging situations and people, a sense of deeper calm, awakening of life purpose, or just a general sense of health and well-being.  Please, don’t take our word for it!  See our links page to read some science or just start YourYoga and experience the benefits for yourself.

Is yoga a religion ?

Yoga is not a religion or affiliated with the practice of any religion.  YOGA IS COMPATIBLE WITH ANY PHILOSOPHY.  Yoga’s philosophy can be summed up very simply: Take care of yourself so that you can bring your best self to the world. Offer love, offer gratitude, and be sweet. And really, couldn’t we all use just a little more sweetness in life?

What do the letters and numbers after the instructor’s names mean?

CYT stands for Certified Yoga Teacher.  RYT stands for Registered Yoga teacher and means that the instructor has registered with the Yoga Alliance. The number indicates how many hours of in-studio study the instructor’s original training course required for certification.

How do we get our own mats?

Mats can be purchased through YourYoga and delivered to your location at your next class by your instructor. You are also welcome to purchase mats for your group on your own, or ask your group to purchase and supply their own mats.  Most people prefer the last option!

How often are  props cleaned?

Props are cleaned on an as needed basis with mat and blocks being cleaned after each use.  Blankets and straps are cleaned frequently to keep them free of dust and other contaminants.

What if I sweat?

Perspiration is a natural effect of a vigorous practice such as vinyasa flow or ashtanga.  You are unlikely to perspire during a gentle or restorative class. If you are concerned about perspiration, you are welcome to supply your own yoga towel for your mat or purchase a yoga towel from YourYoga.  Special yoga towels have little sticky dots on the back that help them cling to the mat during your practice. Regular towels are of course an option but pose greater risk of slipping or tripping.

I don’t see rates on the site but want a general idea of what a class would cost.  How do I determine this?

YourYoga determines rates based on distance from our Stafford VA office and the number of people in your group.  We offer per person class rates that are competitive with standard, non-membership based, yoga studio rates with a single class being the most costly and multi-class packages offering the best deals.

Can I take a private lesson?

Yes!  Just call us at 540-446-9200 or email jenyouryoga@gmail.com and we’ll set you up!

Can I bring my own props?

Yes, especially mats!

Does YourYoga do children’s parties?

Although YourYoga is happy to create a customized practice for a corporate event, retreat or team building day, at this time we do not offer yoga for children’s parties.


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