Yoga & Meditation for Your Group




YourYoga happens wherever you are!  Our instructors travel to your location and teach your group no matter the size- from 1 to 100.  We provide the mats, props, and any other necessary yoga stuff.

You provide the people and the space!  A conference room, cafeteria, hallway between cubicles, employee lounge, gymnasium, rooftop garden or beside the pool, any will work.  Yoga practice can happen anywhere people can unroll a six foot by two foot mat.

Space requirement: Each participant needs a minimum 6’x2′ space, please.

Ideally, a yoga practice space is free from strong odors, noise, temperature fluctuations and significant wind.  Thick carpet should be avoided where possible.



When designing YourYoga practice, our instructors keep your needs and goals in mind.  Below are some types of yoga you may request or that may be woven into YourYoga practice.

Therapeutic: A gentle practice targeting recovery from injuries or chronic discomfort.

Cardiac Yoga: Highly specialized class for heart patients in recovery.

Restorative: Very deeply relaxing yoga using poses supported by yoga props and held for longer lengths of time.  This practice allows the body to open and rejuvenate itself using gravity and time as its primary practice tools.

Meditation: Learn to quiet the mind, and release unproductive thoughts and thought patterns with this easy, repeatable practice!  Meditation is accessible to everyone and brings benefits of relaxation , focus, mental clarity and tolerance.

Power: A vigorous and active workout!  Move the body through its entire range of motion and have fun being challenged!

Ashtanga: A flowing, consistent sequence that is the same each time. It harnesses the power of the breath and creates balance in the body though a steady sequence of poses.  Great for fit beginners.

Vinyasa Flow: The happy, go lucky daughter of Ashtanga!  Enjoy adventurous and flowing sequences of movement that spring from teacher creativity and student ability.  This practice is easy to modify for any level and is very good for multilevel groups.

Gentle: This practice takes the body through its entire range of motion using breath and movements that are accessible to everyone regardless of physical ability. Participants must be able to get up and down on the floor without assistance.

Yoga for Seniors: A practice designed with the needs of seniors in mind!  Developing strength, balance, and agility to enhance physical life are focuses of this practice.

Prenatal: An active practice that unites movement, breath and mental focus.  Focus is on building or maintaining strength and flexibility, balance and tolerance in preparation for the coming challenges of birth and parenthood. Appropriate for athletes and non-athletes alike.

Beginner’s Special Blend:   Get to know YourYoga in this combination class that includes A physical introduction to yoga poses (asana) breath work and meditation with a dash of yoga philosophy.

Yoga for Travelers:  Taking YourYoga on the road?  Learn how to adapt your practice to hotel living, plus how to use YourYoga in airports (and planes, trains, etc!), while standing in line or carrying bags.  YourYoga can also help the body adapt to or ease discomfort from unfamiliar surroundings or days of restaurant food, jet-lag, and travel stress or anxiety. Use YourYoga to get your body back in a routine, focus, relax, and find joy in the present moment.


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